A company based in Bengaluru, India, has created a way to make art supplies out of air pollution. The company, Graviky Labs, is making Air Ink- pens, oil-based paint, and spray paint- from the carbon soot in car exhaust.

Anirudh Sharma, one of the founders of Graviky Labs, came up with the idea after noticing that his clothes were stained from pollution. India has been impacted by heavy air pollution; the World Health Organization found that six of the top 15 most polluted cities were in India.

Air Ink is among many innovations developed in hopes of solving this problem.

To create Air Ink, cylindrical devices that capture emissions are attached to the tailpipes of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. A device called Kaalink separates the carbon from pollutants such as heavy metals and carcinogens. The carbon is then extracted from the Kaalink and mixed with oils and water to make paint and ink.

30-50 minutes of pollution is enough to fill one Air Ink pen with purified carbon.

In June, artists used Air Ink to create murals in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan district. Air Ink is set to enter the market by the end of 2016.

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