Childhood sweethearts Jeanette and Alexander Toczko were married in June 1940, and seventy-five years later, they died within hours of each other, holding hands.

The Huffington Post tells their story with a video in which the couple’s children, Aimee and Richard, tearfully explain how this was the end their parents always wanted.

Aimee Toczko-Cushman said, “Their hearts beat as one for as long as I can remember.” After Alexander suffered a hip injury, his health worsened. The children comforted their parents by helping to fulfill a lifelong wish: “They wanted to go in their own beds, holding hands, in each other’s arms.”

Hospice provided a bed to place near his wife’s, and to celebrate the upcoming 75th anniversary, Aimee Toczko decorated the room with balloons and flowers. She says her mother was “thrilled” to have reached the milestone of seventy-five years.


The family departed from the hospital, and a half-hour later, Alexander’s breathing began to change. “Even the hospice nurse said it was the most incredible thing to see the two of them taking those last breaths together.” Aimee recalls.

About twenty-four hours later, Alexander died, and Jeanette followed him soon after.  When Aimee told Jeanette that Alexander was gone, Jeanette took him in her arms and said, “I love you, wait for me I’ll be there soon.”

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