At 15 years old, Kristen Rogers was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Rogers fought and beat it.

Two years ago, Rogers found a lump on her breast that turned out to be breast cancer. Once again, Rogers fought it and beat it.

Now, at the age of 28, Rogers has brain cancer that has spread to her brain, lungs, liver, and bones. Though Rogers is undergoing brain radiation treatment, she has been given 6 months to live. However, Rogers is not fond of deadlines and has decided to live her best life regardless of how much time she has left.

“I’m not much for deadlines, so I’ll be here as long as I’m here and nobody can really tell me when that is, I’ve decided,” Rogers said.

Rogers is embracing life, fighting the cancer and looking forward to the adventures ahead of her. In August, Rogers will marry her boyfriend of 9 years, Ian Jacobs.

“He’s the only person I’ve ever loved. I knew when we met there was something special,” she said.

The two will travel to get second and third opinions on the cancer, explore treatments, and see the world. While she may not have much time left, Rogers feels that it is more important to use the time she has in the best way possible by living without regrets, fear, or second-guessing.

“Life can get in the way of the way you want to live it,” Rogers said. “I think if you can slow down and really look at what’s important you can really make your life worth a lot.”

Rogers has set up a GoFundMe page where family, friends, and neighbors can help with wedding, travel, and medical expenses.

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