Steve and Laura Monk were ready to save for their dream home, but their dreams were put on hold in October 2014, when Steve was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, according to the Telegraph.

“As soon as Steven was diagnosed with cancer we knew we wanted to get married straightaway” said Laura. “Saving was our number one thing, we were always thinking about three years ahead, but nothing could have prepared us for what was going to happen.”

Laura was put in contact with a charity called ‘Gift of a wedding’,

“The charity asks businesses and members of the public to donate things such as wedding cakes, name cards, dresses and makeup to couples like us who want to get married quickly.”

Laura and Steve’s wedding was completely provided for, from the DJ to the wedding dress to the car that drove them away from the ceremony.

“We couldn’t believe how kind strangers were being.” said Laura.

Steve and Laura wed among friends and family in the city of Manchester UK.

Though Steve had surgery to remove the cancerous part of his bowel as well as undergoing chemotherapy, in April doctors gave him the diagnosis of terminal.

Steve is now in palliative care for his cancer.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but the kindness of strangers made our day completely unforgettable,” said Laura.

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