Kaci Hickox, a nurse who traveled to Sierra Leone to treat Ebola patients, reached a settlement with the state of Maine after she refused to follow the 21 day regulation quarantine last week.

After Hickox left her home last Thursday to go on a bike ride with her boyfriend, Maine health officials obtained a 24-hour court order restricting Hickox’s movement until further action could be taken by the court.

The court order limited Hickox’s travel by banning her from public places and requiring a three-foot buffer in case she encounters people.

On Monday, Hickox and the District Court judge agreed that Hickox would abide by the regulations already in place. She will submit to daily health monitoring, inform state health officials if she travels, and advise officials if her health changes.

The restrictions will remain in effect for the rest of the 21 day quarantine, until November 10.

Hickox said that she considered the most recent court order issued by the state of Maine a success, as is an appropriate and reasonable response and does not compromise her personal liberty.


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