A Portland family is speaking out in hopes of thanking a stranger who saved a loved one’s life.

Last Monday, Riley Abbott was out on his usual walk on the Springwater Trail when he suffered a heart attack. A stranger who was also walking the trail saw Riley and rushed to help, giving him CPR while paramedics were on the way.

“He pounded on his chest. He gave him mouth-to-mouth to get him breathing again because he was down,” said Patty, Riley’s wife.

Riley was taken to the hospital where he is recovering.

The Abbotts do not know who the stranger is and are speaking out through social media in hopes of finding the stranger.

“I would like for him to come forward so we can thank him because he is a true guardian angel. Riley was dead, he brought him back. Otherwise, if he hadn’t been there, we wouldn’t have him today,” Patty said.

Amazingly, the Abbotts have something else to be thankful for. While visiting Riley in the hospital, Riley’s brother suffered a stroke, but was in just the right place to get help.

“If he had left, he might have had the stroke in the car. It all works out oddly, but it works out for a reason,” said Shirley Sobolewski, Patty’s sister.

Both brothers are expected to recover.

The Abbotts are counting their blessings.

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