On March 3, Michelle and Kyle Williams were surprised at the arrival of their new baby boy—who they were told by a sonographer would be a girl.

The couple picked out the name “Charlee” for the child they thought would be their second daughter.

After recovering from the surprise themselves, the Williamses filmed their family members as they broke the news during their hospital visits.

A portion of the video shows the baby’s grandma changing his diaper when she realizes she does not have a new granddaughter as she had expected.

“Well child welcome to the world—I can’t believe it!” she said excitedly in the video as she stares at the baby.

Dr. Lisa Masterson, an OB/GYN from Los Angeles explained that misinterpreting sonograms is fairly common.

“There are multiple things that factor into the accuracy of the ultrasound,” she said. “The fluid that’s around the baby, [who is] kind of squished up and you can’t delineate all the

Watch the video of the family’s reactions below:

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