The first African-American, all-female flight crew was honored at a “First in Flight” luncheon in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday. The luncheon was hosted by the Metro Nashville Airport Authority and honored the women as well as Black History Month.

The flight crew made history on February 12, 2009 on Atlantic Southeast Airline Flight 5202. The crew, Captain Rachelle Jones Kerr, First Officer Stephanie Grant and flight attendants Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway flew and attended Flight 5202 from Atlanta, Georgia to Nashville. They returned on Flight 5106.

The crew is the first and only African American all-female flight crew in to accomplish this feat.

At the luncheon, Rob Wigington, president and CEO of the Metro Nashville Airport Authority, acknowledged the historic accomplishment and the celebration of Black History Month.

“Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight No. 5202 was a historic milestone in the world of aviation, and we’re proud and honored that Nashville International Airport played a part in this landmark event,” he said. “As part of the Airport Authority’s celebration of Black History Month, we were honored to host the flight crew who made history right here in our city.”

The flight crew shared a message of inspiration and encouragement.

“We’re here to prove, if you want to be a pilot, a flight attendant, you can do it. Just dream big,” Captain Kerr said.

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