Taylor Tippett first started leaving notes in passengers seats a year ago, and she’s still going strong.

The 22 year old American Airlines attendant leaves notes with messages like “be kind to yourself” and “you’re golden” in the safety cards in the seat pockets of her aircraft.

The notes started with a bad day on the job for Tippett.

“I was on the back of a plane early in the morning before a flight last year just thinking and beating myself up about a lot of things,” she said according to Yahoo News. “I realized I was being so harsh and mean to myself, and so I started journaling to work through my thoughts. I then noticed a small composition pad my instructor had given me, and I realized I wanted to…take this moment and do something with it — to encourage others with what I was going through.”


Tippett’s first note was “Be kind to yourself.”

Tippett’s notes are a part of a photo series on her blog called “words from the window seat”. The notes can also be found on Instagram using the hashtag #wordsfromthewindowseat

Tippett’s notes are inspired by her travels, conversations she’s had, and any obstacles she is facing.

The flight attendant says she hopes her notes will encourage passengers to travel to new places and gain new perspective on their problems.

“Life can be so dark and heavy, but trying new things and going new places puts so much into perspective and encourages you to live your life full and free.”

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