A video clip from Garth Brooks’ concert in Minneapolis went viral after the singer pulled a woman with cancer onto the stage and sang to her before giving her his guitar.

While performing the song “The Dance,” Brooks spotted a woman in the audience holding a sign that read “Chemo this morning. Garth tonight. Enjoy the dance.”

The woman was Teresa Shaw, who traveled from her home in Iowa with her 19 year old daughter Elizabeth to see the performance.

Brooks asked an usher to bring Shaw forward, then began singing to her. He handed Shaw his guitar, gave her a kiss on the forehead, and held up her sign and said, “You have all my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here, and you go kick cancer’s a**!”

“The next thing I knew, another usher was coming up to me and was like, ‘follow us,'” said Shaw. “And they took me to the very front, right in front of him.”

Shaw and her daughter made the sign in their hotel room before the concert.

“I was just hoping he would see it and maybe I could get him to get it signed,” said Shaw.

Not only did Brooks see the sign, he stopped the show to acknowledge Shaw’s five month battle with cancer and give her a word of encouragement.

“To give away something like that is just remarkable. And now if I ever have a bad day, I can always go look at his guitar and get inspiration,” said Shaw.

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