Olivia Sievers, from Germany, works as a flight attendant and recently adopted a stray dog she met on a business trip to Argentina.

Sievers made friends with the dog on her way to a hotel in Buenos Aires and after feeding and playing, the dog stuck to Sievers’ side.

Sievers named the dog, Rubio, and played with him as much as she could. Rubio would wait patiently outside the hotel to play.

However, Sievers had to return home to Germany and said a sad goodbye to Rubio, expecting to never see him again.

But this turned out not to be the case.

Two months later, Sievers returned to Argentina on another business trip and found Rubio waiting for her at the hotel. Although a local family adopted him, Rubio would run away to be with Sievers.

Now, Sievers has adopted Rubio and welcomed him into her home in Germany. Rubio is making friends with Sievers’ other dogs and enjoys playing in the yard.

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