Google partnered with #Pay to revolutionize charity campaigns in the UK. Termed #Donate, the new process allows social media users to link their Paypal and Twitter accounts to give money directly to charities.

“It has been our mission to find a way for charities to make the most of their online communities,” Nicole Parkinson, head of Social and Content at Good Agency, said in a press release.

Though by no means a one-click process, #Donate aspires to make giving easier and, consequently, more common.

Charities can set up a #Donate and create a personal hashtag. Users wishing to give money tweet the charity’s hashtag, the charity’s Twitter handle, and the amount of money they want to donate.

To confirm the donation, the charity tweets the giver a thank-you, and the donor must confirm the transaction by retweeting the thank-you tweet before money is transferred from PayPal.

“We are so excited to be involved in bringing this technology to the sector and helping organisations connect with their online communities in a deeper and richer way that truly drives value and unleashes the good,” Parkinson said.

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