When an oncoming car hit Laura Palmeter one year ago on her way to work, firefighters had to labor for an hour to cut her from her totaled car. At OHSU, doctors fought to keep her alive despite multiple fractures and muscle fiber necrosis. But Laura wasn’t the only one fighting for life: inside her, a little baby was fighting too.

Doctors said Laura’s growing baby girl had a 10% chance of surviving after the crash. They encouraged her to abort, but Laura and her husband Chris refused.

“They chose their words very carefully and never said abortion,” said Laura. “They stated her odds of living, challenges she would face and then listed off how it would be better for me.”

Though the couple was well informed of the risks the baby faced, including possible x-ray-induced cancer, they soldiered on, determined to save their child. Laura even avoided pain medication in order to protect her daughter. After two months, the hard work paid off.


On December 1st, 2014, Aria Palmeter entered the world in mint-perfect condition. While the family still has much to do to regain stability, they are grateful for the support of the community and their family. Laura is facing several more surgeries, but she finds strength in her new daughter: “Hearing the doctor speak shattered my heart in ways I never thought possible. My baby was going to live! She had to! I would not have survived if she did not.”



To support the Palmeter family, visit their Gofundme page here. 




Adrienne is a junior at George Fox University. She grew up writing stories and training in classical ballet, and now she studies English and hopes to use art and the written word to create positive change in her world.