Identical twins, Baby Link and Baby Logan, were born 18 days apart in Washington.

Initially, doctors at EvergreenHealth Medical Center expected both twins to be born at the same time; however, things went differently.

On September 29, 2015, Baby Link was born 23 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy. Link weighed just 1 lb, 2 oz. at birth and has heart and lung issues, but is doing well for his condition. His brother, Logan, remained in their mother’s womb for two and a half more weeks and was born on October 17, 2015.

Baby Link and Baby Logan’s unique days of birth was caused by a complication known as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome in which the babies shared a placenta.

Dr. Martin Walker, who delivered the twins, explained the condition.

“It’s rather like having two plants growing out of the same pot. They send their umbilical cords down into the placenta, the ‘roots’ go out through the placenta, these are the blood vessels.  And where they touch each other, they join together and they allow blood to flow freely between babies. All identical twins sharing a placenta have these connections. About 20% of them get into a situation where one baby gives the other baby more blood than he gets back.  So you have a situation where one baby becomes anemic and weak from blood loss and the other baby becomes over stuffed with blood, bloated and goes into heart failure.”

Dr. Walker performed surgery, in utero, separating the babies’ blood vessels. This helped save both of their lives because it solved the issue of blood flow and made it possible for Baby Logan, who was anemic and weak because of the loss of blood, to stay in the womb longer.

After Baby Link was born, Dr. Walker explained the condition of the twins’ mother, Holli and Baby Logan. “So far so good,” Dr. Walker said of Holli.  “She remains pregnant just about a week and a half since that procedure. And it’s a real big week and a half for that baby that’s in there. During that time the baby has grown, looks healthy.”

Doctors had hoped that Baby Logan would stay in the womb until his due date of January 26, 2016, but like his brother, Link, he was delivered earlier.

The twins’ father reports that both Link and Logan are doing well considering their medical circumstances.

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