“Possibly the scariest moment of my life,” skydiver Christopher Jones shared in the video description. “At around 9000ft I have a seizure while attempting a left hand turn. I then spend the next 30 seconds in free fall unconscious.”

Jones, who has epilepsy, had received a doctors note clearing him for skydiving after being seizure-free for roughly four years. In November of last year, he took to the skies over Australia with skydiving instructor Sheldon McFarlane. But things didn’t go as planned.

The dive triggered an epileptic seizure in Jones, causing him to lose consciousness while in a free fall. McFarlane noticed Jones’ seizure and was able to get close enough to pull his rip cord and stop the fall. Jones landed uneventfully after regaining consciousness around 3,000 feet, according to USA Today.

“We don’t do it all day every day, but part of our training is to look after students,” said McFarlane.

A YouTube video of the incident has gone viral, already accumulating 4.5 million views. Watch the incredible footage below.


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