Last year, in the month leading up to Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her life through Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, Kara Tippetts wrote an open letter to Brittany to answer the question: “Why we don’t have to be so afraid of dying we choose suicide.”

In her letter, Tippetts wrote, “My heart ached for you, and I’m simply grieved by your terminal brain tumor, for the less than 6 months the doctor’s gave you, you just past your 29th birthday. With a heavy heart, I left my home and headed for my oncologist. I too am dying, Brittany.”

Tippetts was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer two years ago. According to her family, it now appears she is close to death.

Tippetts’ husband, Jason wrote in his blog, “Kara has written about the long goodbye, and as much as it is heart-wrenching it is also peaceful. As I write I am watching Kara wrestle to sleep. Her sleep is mixed with moving pillows for comfort, sitting up to relieve pain, taking medication, or trying to communicate with me. But sometimes her sleep is the quietest and most peaceful event of her day. My long goodbye is full of watching and reliving memories of our life together.”

The couple lives in Colorado Springs, where they are raising four children. Together the family strives to find beauty in the presence of suffering.

“I have an us that cannot be lost. And I still get small moments where we are us. But I grieve as I watch her fade. The peace that is in our house is amazing, peace in the midst of tears, peace in the midst of impending loss, but it is peace,” Jason concluded.

Producer Jay Lyons is filming a documentary about the Tippetts’ family’s journey. Watch the trailer below:

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