Dallan Cloward of Phoenix, Arizona has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, a rare chromosomal disorder that causes both delayed physical and intellectual growth. The disorder has no cure, and born at just 3.5 pounds, pediatricians told Dallan’s parents that he would only live up to age 2.

However, Dallan has defied the odds. On August 12, Dallan will celebrate his 30th birthday and his family plans to make this birthday memorable.

Dallan’s father, Chad Cloward, plans to celebrate his son’s birthday for six weeks in what Chad calls a “30 for 30.” In those six weeks, Chad hopes to plan 30 fun activities to celebrate Dallan’s birthday.

“I still so remember thinking, ‘I can’t get too attached because it will hurt more when we lose him,'” Chad said. “Then after a day or two of thinking that — it hit me — that if I don’t give him every ounce of love I can, I will regret that for my entire life once he passes.”

Chad took to Facebook for birthday celebration ideas from friends and family and has quickly received support.

While Dallan struggles to communicate well, he can let others around him know what he loves to do. Chad describes Dallan as relatable to anyone.

“He never thinks of the past and doesn’t worry about tomorrow he enjoys the moment.”

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