This year’s World Series win for the Chicago Cubs greatly affected many people, baseball fans and non-fans alike. For Wayne Williams Jr., it meant he could keep a promise he made to his father.

Williams, who has rooted for the Cubs all his life, promised his father, Wayne Williams Sr., that they would be together when their beloved baseball team won the World Series. On Wednesday, Nov. 2, he kept his promise, driving over 600 miles from his home in North Carolina to Greenwood, Indiana, where his father is buried.

“My dad and I had kind of made a pact that when—not if—the Cubs made the World Series, we would watch the games together,” he said.

The cemetery’s gates were open when he arrived and Williams set up a chair he had brought, pulled up the game on his smart phone, and shared the historic win with his father. Williams was accompanied by members of a local television station who had been tipped off by a relative.

The Williams family has been baseball fans for many years. Williams Sr. and Jr. share the middle name, Christie, after the early 1900s Giants pitcher Christopher “Christy” Mathewson. Wayne Williams Sr. was confident the Cubs would be champions again, even during their more difficult seasons.

“He would have said, ‘I told ya, I told ya they woulda won,’” Williams said. The elder Williams, a WWII Navy veteran, died of kidney cancer in 1980.

“They gave him three months,” Williams Jr. said. “He got six, but he spent his last month in a hospital bed.”

Channeling his father’s confidence, Williams Jr. is optimistic about the future of the Cubs. “I think it’s going to be a dynasty,” he said.





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