Amid the many highly-anticipated Super Bowl commercials, several heartwarming moments stood out — especially McDonald’s one minute ad entitled “Pay with Lovin’.”

The purpose of the ad was to announce McDonald’s new Pay with Lovin’ campaign: between now and Feb. 14, McDonald’s will randomly select customers to pay for their order by performing a loving act, such as calling up a loved one, complimenting a family member, or even busting a few dance moves.

One family featured in the ad included eight-year-old Grace Ramsburg, a young lady with Down syndrome.

The cashier instructed the family to pay with “one big group hug.” Grace smiles ecstatically as she was squeezed tight between her father and her brother.

“There’s still misunderstanding and there’s still judgement,” said Holly Ramsburg, Grace’s mother, of having a daughter with Down syndrome. “I feel like everyday when we go out and we’re able to get her face out there and get her personality out there it is wonderful.”

The Ramsburg family is thrilled and grateful that their daughter’s face was featured in the ad seen by millions — so that the nation can experience the beauty of her personality and spirit.

Hana is currently pursuing an undergraduate English degree with a Spanish minor at Concordia University Portland. She loves creative writing and reading children's books and someday hopes to publish her own. Favorite hobbies include cooking, cleaning, eating ice cream, and singing Disney princess songs.