One talented dance troupe is out to revolutionize the way you think of dancing as an art.

“Enra,” a Japanese entertainment unit based in Tokyo, has been combining light animation and dance to create a fusion of digital and live art. The results are absolutely stunning.

One of their most popular productions, “Pleiades,” just became a part of the Body Worlds Exhibition at the Menschen Museum in Berlin on Feb. 18. 

The sequence, directed by Nobuyuki Hanabusa, uses star-like animation in a way that appears to interact with the dancers as they perform their graceful routine—giving the appearance that the dazzling lights are originating from and being controlled by the dancers themselves.

Enra’s mission, according to their webpage, is to “challenge different ways of expression and to create more complex work with a different outlook on the world.” 

Members of Enra with their video at the Body World Exhibition in Berlin

Members of Enra with their production at the Body Worlds Exhibition in Berlin

They also note that their founding members are “top class performers with quality skills and expressions who come from various backgrounds of genres such as Kung-fu, acrobatics, ballet, juggling, rhythmic gymnastics and animation dance.”

Aside from their videos, Enra also does live performances of their routines for select events.

Check out Enra’s other great videos here.

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