Students taking a wood shop class at Waldo Middle School built a wardrobe for HOME Youth and Resource Center in Salem, Or. The wood shop class has been working on projects to help people in their community.

It took four week to build the wardrobe which comes with doors and wheels that will allow for easy use. HOME Youth and Resource Center paid for all materials for the project and the students built it from scratch.

Tricia Ratliff, program manager for the center, said that the wardrobe will be used to hold clothes for homeless youth to use for interviews and classes as part of their job preparation program. Ratliff was impressed by the students’ attitude throughout the project, stating that students responded to her emails in a businesslike manner and accomplished her requests.

Jacob Cogger, wood shop teacher, noted that the project gave students the opportunity to improve their skills and to learn how to interact positively with clients.

By building the wardrobe, students helped impact of the lives of youth in their own community.

“This group isn’t (just) making this for the homeless youth. It’s for their peers,” Ratliff said.

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