Millions of people have shown support for a young girl named Lexie who used social media to share her experience of being bullied.

In 2014, Lexie shared a picture of herself holding a sign that read. “I got bullied for wearing glasses! Share if your (sic) against bullying!” on the Facebook page of The BULLY Project, a social action campaign inspired by the documentary Bully.

The photo has been shared over 4 million times on The BULLY Project Facebook page. People commented with support, some posted pictures of themselves and family members wearing glasses.

One commenter offered words of encouragement. “My little girl has worn glasses since she was 15 months old. Glasses are awesome and bullies just WISH they could wear them! You are beautiful!!!!!”

In a 2014 report, the CDC found that 28 percent of 12 to 18 year olds reported being bullied at school in 2011.

The BULLY Project, partnered with the Ad Council, created an anti-bullying ad featuring Lexie and her mother.

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