After suffering a severe streptococcal bacterial infection that left her in a coma, 56-year-old Teri Roberts is lucky to be awake—and alive.

In early December of 2014, Teri was rushed to the hospital because she could not breathe, and she slipped into a coma within 24 hours while doctors were still diagnosing her. Test results revealed that she was suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome.

With toxin-filled blisters spreading all over her unconscious body, doctors informed Teri’s family that she had only a 30% chance of survival. By Dec. 21st, her family was told that that her health was beyond hope, and they considered taking her off life support. But Teri wasn’t done fighting.

On Dec. 22nd, Teri woke up from her coma as her body began to function again.

“She just magically woke up. Literally four hours before we moved to take her off life support,” Teri’s son, Ryan, told the press.

Teri is in good spirits and is getting better each day, though her hands and feet became casualties of her infection. A quadruple amputation was performed on Jan. 10th due to irreversible damage.

“I’m just letting the other people finally catch up to me,” Teri told Yahoo News regarding the surgery.

Despite Teri’s setbacks, her family is just happy that she’s alive and didn’t give up.

“I gave up on my mom, and she didn’t give up on herself,” Ryan said. 

The Roberts have a GoFundMe page established to help cover Teri’s medical expenses for those wanting to contribute.




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