Women are successfully suing the National Health Service (NHS) after birthing healthy babies following failed abortion attempts. Such cases, reported by Health Minister Daniel Poulter, have cost the NHS thousands.

In the previous decade, the NHS paid over £94 million (approximately 147 million dollars) in legal cases concerning “wrongful births.” Dozens of these cases involved parents suing after the birth of a healthy child. Reasons ranged from “failed sterilization” to “failed terminations.”

Former Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali“A healthy child is an occasion for thanksgiving,” former Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali said. He criticized these women for “using up precious funds which could otherwise be more usefully employed.”

“It seems to me that to be able to sue the NHS after the birth of a healthy baby is simply not something the majority of people would agree with,” TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp said. “‘The NHS hasn’t got an infinite amount of money. I think parents in that position should think twice.”

Kirstie Allsopp with her childrenThe majority of the “wrongful birth” legal battles concern parents having disabled children after doctors failed to warn them of the risk. Yet new reports demonstrate such complaints are also made by parents with healthy children.

In such cases, claimants can typically expect payouts of £15,000 (approximately 23,500 dollars) to £40,000 (approximately 62,600 dollars).

“We understand that cases like this are distressing for the patient, but they remain extremely rare,” a Department of Health spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

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