The Run For Your Bun Café inside the David Lloyd Club in London, England, has devised a plan to encourage office workers to break their sedentary work routines. The cafe has begun accepting exercise as payment for healthy meals in order to help people understand the benefits of balancing a healthy diet with regular exercise.

Participants are led through an intense workout that consists of one-minute intervals on a rowing machine, a spin bike, and a treadmill. The workout also includes a minute of sit-ups, squats, and lunges. There are 30-second rest periods between each type of exercise.

The meals the café provides are lighter and contain fewer calories than the amount customers burn during their exercise.

“According to our research British office workers spend almost 90% of the working day sitting down, being inactive,” said Elaine Denton, a health and fitness expert at David Lloyd Club. “We want to remind workers of the importance of being active at work and moving around more.”

The restaurant was open over the weekend to the members of the public. It is not yet known how often the gym will have the meal exchange program open to the public, but they hope to inspire other gyms throughout London to start similar programs.


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