The Idaho House has introduced a bill that would require state abortion providers to tell abortion seeking women where they can get free ultrasounds. The introduction of the bill was approved by The House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

The bill, backed by Republican lawmaker, Rep. Ron Nate of Rexburg, has met opposition from four democratic members of the panel who voted against it.

Under the legislation, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare would be required to create a list of all providers who offer free ultrasounds for women seeking abortions. This list would be included in the informed consent papers that abortion providers are already required to distribute.

While the bill does not require ultrasounds, it requires that abortion clinics give this information as part of informed consent.

Thirteen other states require that abortion providers to give verbal counseling or distribute written materials with information about ultrasound services.

Next, the bill must pass a legislative hearing, and the public will be able to make their concerns heard.

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