After Oregon State House Speaker Tina Kotek cancelled a hearing into Planned Parenthood’s practices in Oregon last month, several State House Republicans sent a letter to top Oregon Planned Parenthood officials as well as the president of the Oregon Health and Science University asking detailed questions about what happens to body parts of babies after they are aborted.

The legislators asked OHSU and Planned Parenthood what the baby body parts have been used for and how much Planned Parenthood has been reimbursed for those parts, among other questions.

This week OHSU, Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (PPCW) and Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon (PPSO) responded to the Legislators with their own letters.  PPSO and PPCW both refused to give specifics about what happens to the remains of babies aborted at their facilities, although PPCW admitted to working with OHSU as part of two research studies.

But OHSU’s response, which can be read here, is more revealing.  In it, they first admit that as part of a study, the “OHSU lead scientist or OHSU research study coordinator” is responsible for examining tissue from abortions in the actual PPCW facility and determining what part of the tissue is from the baby and what isn’t.

According to the letter, “in some cases involving tissue at less than five weeks gestation, the microscopic embryo tissue may not be able to be distinguished and is not separated.”  The room and equipment used for this is paid for by OHSU to PPCW.  The tissue (whether placental or from the aborted baby), is then sent to OHSU for further study.  The number of cases where the aborted baby parts are indistinguishable from placental tissue is not revealed in the letter.

Furthermore, the letter admits that “OHSU has paid a service fee to obtain fetal livers and fetal thymus from Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR). The service fee price range to obtain the tissue is $230-$340 per specimen.”

This confirms what was first surfaced in one of the investigative videos released by the Center for Medial Progress in recent weeks.  In response to a question about how many specimens OHSU has purchased from ABR, OHSU responded “OHSU has acquired a total of 123 specimens from ABR.”

This means that OHSU has spent between $28,290 and $41,820 on purchasing baby body parts from Advanced Bioscience Resources.

In a statement obtained by the Oregon Optimist, Republican State Representatives Bill Post and Gail Whitsett issued the Republican response to this new information:

After last month’s hearing was canceled, we submitted specific fact based questions in writing to Planned Parenthood and OHSU.  The answers provided by OHSU and Planned Parenthood make it clear that a corporation was selling fetal organ[s] in the State of Oregon.  Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), the largest fetal organ company in America, sold livers and thymus collected from second trimester fetuses for between $230 and $340 per organ.  This activity could possibly violate state and/or federal law.  We owe the people of Oregon a full and open investigation into this activity.

David was born and raised in Oregon but was blessed with the opportunity to travel while growing up. He enjoys politics, music, audio books, most anything batman and, most of all, being an uncle. David is especially passionate about protecting the lives of those most vulnerable.