On Saturday, over 1,000 pro-life people gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina for one of the biggest prayer walks in Charlotte’s history.

People from over 40 different churches came to the event organized by “Love Life Charlotte,” a local Christian ministry that seeks to unite churches in Charlotte for the pro-life cause.

Charlotte Stories covered the event, including an interview from a mother who’s been coming to the abortion clinic to offer women alternatives to abortion for the last three years.  Eliana Smith faced an unplanned pregnancy and was on the site with her 9-year-old son Christian, who she says saved her life.

Many more like Eliana came to show their support, including one of the original founders of Cities 4 Life, David Benham, who spoke at the rally encouraging pro-life advocates to reach out with compassion and support to women facing unplanned pregnancy.

“It’s one thing to be against abortion, but it’s another thing to bring life, to actually bring choices to these mothers that feel like they really have no other choice,” said Benham.

To that end, Cities 4 Life provides a variety of resources for women — such as financial support, medical care, and housing — and is constantly adding more, helping Love Life Charlotte get a little closer in their goal of ending the demand for abortion in Charlotte.

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