When Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born to Duchess Kate and Prince William several weeks ago, the Internet erupted with news and excited energy. People throughout the world craned their necks to see what was going on. One of the most exciting ways to keep abreast of the events was through the app Snapchat, a photo and video-sharing app for Smartphones.royal_baby

The London “snap-story” posted in early May was a joyful celebration of Princess Charlotte’s birth. Seen through the “eyes” of the excited city-dwellers, the event of the princess’s birthday could be witnessed from myriad vantage points, as Snapchat users filmed and uploaded videos and photos from all over the city. The London Bridge, lit up with pink lights in honor of the little princess, could be seen in one shot; in another, the royal car sped by carrying the royal family away from St. Mary’s Hospital.

In a world where bad news is common, Snapchat celebrates diversity, culture, and life. When I go on Snapchat, I get glimpses of life in cities like Dubai, New York City, and Edinburgh, as users share photos and videos of their meals, their music, and their unique cityscapes. Other events, like college graduations, are also broadcast live on Snapchat, and users can celebrate these accomplishments alongside the happy graduates.

CClGjV-WAAEN48gWhether Snapchat’s story of the day features a beautiful city like Sydney, Autralia, a joyful graduation at the University of California, or an exciting red carpet event like the Oscars, Snapchat’s platform provides an opportunity for every-day people to share their unique experiences and appreciate culture around the world.

Adrienne is a junior at George Fox University. She grew up writing stories and training in classical ballet, and now she studies English and hopes to use art and the written word to create positive change in her world.