Last week, Oregon legislators introduced House Bill 3017, which seeks to protect unborn children from painful abortions after their 20th week (5 months) in the womb.  It has been scientifically proven that unborn children feel pain as early as 20 weeks after fertilization.

The bill permits late-term procedures in the case of life-threatening medical emergencies, but stipulates that those abortions must “provid[e] the best opportunity for the unborn child to survive.”

If HB 3017 passes, Oregon would join 16 other states that have passed similar legislation that prohibits abortions after 20 weeks. While many states require underage residents to seek parental notification before terminating their pregnancy, Oregon imposes no such restrictions on abortion, and even permits publicly-funded abortions, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

HB 3017 currently faces opposition from Planned Parenthood Advocates, Oregon’s largest abortion provider.  The Democrat Party of Oregon also sent out a fundraising email last week in response to the bill’s introduction.  The bill is supported by Oregon Right to Life and has sponsorship from 25 legislators from both the Oregon House and Senate.

To find information about the bill, click here to view the measure history on the Oregon State Legislature’s website.

(Disclaimer: The Oregon Optimist is a project of Oregon Right to Life.)

Nicholas Comerchero is a junior at Corban University, where he plans to complete his undergraduate degree in political science. Nicholas enjoys thinking, writing, and speaking about public policy and economics.