A Portland family is dedicating their time to helping members of the community who are in need. Jim Anderson, a disabled veteran, and his family created “Pay it Forward,” a place where people can shop for free, once Anderson noticed the high amount of people in his community who lacked basic necessities.

“It’s ridiculous how many people are in need out there. I’ve seen people without coats out there. I’ve seen kids who don’t even have gloves,” Anderson said.

To do this work, Anderson using a website called “Rooster” which is based on the idea of paying it forward. Rooster allows people to shop for free, “as long as they pay it forward to someone else, help somebody else out,” Anderson explained.

Through Pay it Forward, Anderson and his family volunteers time gathering items for a free giveaway that happens once a month. Anderson informs people of the event through social media and Rooster.

Rooster allows people to trade ideas, items, and services as long as it is free. “There’s a lot of different things. It’s a wonderful website,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s children also help out, helping them learn the value of giving. Jonathan, Anderson’s son commented: “It needs to spread more though; it’s really good.”

Jowelle M. is a college student interested in sociology, political science, and Spanish. Aside from academics, Jowelle enjoys blogging, reading, music, and spending time with family. She is happiest when she is working with others to improve the community.