Pro-life group, And Then There Were None (ATTWN), is sending love letters to abortion clinic workers in an effort to help them leave their jobs.

The letters are part of the group’s “Love One Out, Love Won Out” campaign, which seeks to show workers that they have love and support from others who have been in the same position.

Pro-life activists and volunteers will send flowers with letters that say “We love you, and you are too good to be working in an abortion clinic. We love you enough to help you quit. Healing is possible.”

Abby Johnson, founder and president of the nonprofit And Then There Were None, emphasizes the pro-love aspect of the pro-life movement as a key part of reaching this particular group.  “This group — clinic workers — are changing the narrative in the pro-life movement through a message of love that empowers them enough to quit their job in the abortion industry,” said Johnson.

Johnson finds much of her motivation in remembering her experience. “As a former abortion clinic worker, I remember wanting to leave the industry but wondered how it would be perceived,” she said. “Would someone love me enough to help me get out? I knew that I deserved better, and when I left the abortion industry, I wanted to help other workers leave as well, which is why I started ATTWN,” she said.

Abby Johnson was a former clinic director at a Texas Planned Parenthood, even the organization’s 2008 employee of the year before becoming pro-life.  Now she, her team, and its volunteers are able to offer financial and emotional support to workers who leave the abortion industry through ATTWN.

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