A much awaited necessity for the annual game, Super Bowl ads are expected to entertain, surprise, and inspire. And sometimes, they even save lives.

Yesterday’s commercials tackled social issues such as domestic abuse, child safety, and empowering young girls, reminiscent of a 2010 Super Bowl ad that saved a life.

Four years ago, Susan Wood was at a Super Bowl party, though she had never felt so alone and scared. Her boyfriend had just threatened to kill himself if she did not abort her recently discovered pregnancy.

“That was the night that I saw Tim Tebow’s commercial,” Wood said. “That’s really what brought me to Focus on the Family.”

In the 30 second ad, Tim Tebow’s mother, Pam, explained how she decided to let her baby live despite pressure to have an abortion.

“I can remember so many times when I almost lost him, it was so hard,” Pam said in the Focus on the Family commercial.

Intrigued and desperate for options, Wood explored Focus on the Family’s website later that night.

“I went home and I watched the commercial again on YouTube,” Wood said. “I explored the site, I watched video after video, then I emailed Focus on the Family. Then I got an email back and literally within reading that email it was almost instantly that decision, the things that she said, just clicked. And I knew that all along that was what I wanted to do, that I needed to have the strength to do it.

“There was nothing after that, I knew I’m keeping the baby. I’m having her.”

Four Super Bowls later, Wood’s baby girl is still a joy to her. “I just can’t imagine life any other way,” Wood said. “And she’s brought me closer to Jesus, and that’s a blessing as well.”

Watch a video of Wood with her daughter and the original Tim Tebow ad here.

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Girl saved by pro-life Super Bowl Ad

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