Cheryl Hanbury saw someone she didn’t expect to see when she stepped outside to survey the damage to her Bradenton, Florida neighborhood the morning after Hurricane Irma hit. A man in a familiar red and blue suit was cutting a tree that had fallen across her road.

“I thought, OMG! Spider-Man! I was shocked,” she said. She called her family to come out and see the hero at work. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Spider-man cut the tree down, then swung off and jumped in his little black pickup with a friend and flew off!”

Due to the evacuations, no children were around to witness the appearance of the masked man.

“It was a silver lining after waiting a long weekend for the hurricane to arrive,” Hanbury said. “People were terrified and exhausted.”

Hurricane Irma was not as bad as predicted for the Bradenton area. “We still have lots of people without power, and my neighbors’ generators are running at the moment,” she said. “But for the most part, we just have high numbers of trees and power lines down with much debris, but everyone is safe!”

Hanbury hopes Spider-Man knows he is cheering up the spirits of people in Bradenton and throughout the world, since her photos of him have gone viral.

“To Spider-Man, I would like to say ‘Thank you!’ I’m glad we have real-life heroes.”



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