In the wake of Thursday’s social media debate about the color of #TheDress in a viral photo, the British company selling it is making a small fortune. Michelle Bastock, the fashion director of Roman, shared that sales of the dress have risen by 347 percent.

#TheDress color as advertised by Roman

#TheDress actual color as advertised by Roman

Ironically, the dress does not come in white and gold, though Bastock says one will be offered in a matter of months. She also confirmed that the dress is in fact blue and black in an interview with CNN.

The dress, which sells for £50 ($77), is going fast. But Bastock is sure there are “plenty to go around,” especially in color selections other than the now-famous blue and black.

The dress rose to international fame in a matter of hours, Thursday, when a frenzied social media debate about what color it appeared to be in an online photo went viral.

Some argued that the dress was blue and black while others were seeing it as white and gold. The hashtags #blueandblack, #whiteandgold, and #TheDress quickly took over social media outlets.

Bastock says that Roman is “really surprised and really happy” that the dress went viral, according to Yahoo News. She also noted that things have gotten hectic.

“We’re really busy. All the team on the website are going crazy,” she said.

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