Around 3:45 am on Sunday August 16, Officer Anthony Reynolds of the Seattle Police Department pulled over a car that had been speeding and running multiple red lights.

After being pulled over, the driver exited the car and told the officer that his wife was in labor. Reynolds called for an ambulance; however the baby was ready to be born and was not waiting for the medics to arrive. Three other officers, Lorissa Johnson, Nicholas Kartes, and Jason Alvord, arrived as the couple’s baby was being delivered.

According to the officers, the baby arrived crying, but there was a brief scare when the baby started having trouble breathing. This caused the parents to panic, but fortunately, Officer Reynolds and the child’s mother were able to clear the baby girl’s airways, which helped her start breathing again.

The entire incident was caught on the patrol car’s dashboard camera.

An ambulance arrived soon after and the mother and child were taken to a hospital close by where they were reportedly in stable condition.

In a thank you letter to the officers, the couple expressed their gratitude. “You helped deliver a precious gift. We are grateful,” the couple wrote.

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