Social media helped save the wedding of a California couple who faced an obstacle on the road towards their big day.

Gus and Jessie planned a road trip from California to North Bend, Washington where they were to marry in a ceremony with just their officiant and a videographer. The couple wanted to visit Yosemite and other areas of the country before arriving in Seattle for the wedding.

Gus and Jessie’s plans hit a roadblock in Nevada when their car broke down. In addition to the high cost, repairing the car would take a week and their wedding was just days away.

Jessie wrote about the situation on Facebook and Instagram and a friend set up GoFundMe page for the couple. A few hours later, the page had raised a few thousand dollars and caught the attention of a few celebrities.

Actresses Sophia Bush and Kate Walsh shared the story with their followers; Bush tagged Audi and other rental car companies in her post.

“Who wants to be a hero and help these about-to-be-newlyweds?” Bush wrote.

The next day Audi loaned Gus and Jessie a brand car to get to the wedding on time.

The couple is surprised that their story spread so quickly and is thankful for the outpouring of support.

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