After 15 years of helping young women facing unplanned pregnancy, StandUp Girl is still “changing hearts and saving lives!”

This year, as part of Heartbeat International’s “Babies Go to Congress” program, the Oregon-based StandUp Girl Foundation went to Washington D.C. on January 21st, amidst the blizzard, to share their stories and to promote the work of pregnancy help centers.

As the women shared their stories, they introduced their children as well, most who whom would not have been born without the support their mothers received from pregnancy help centers, a concrete representation of how these centers support life.

One of the women who went to the program in Washington D.C. with StandUp Girl, Teka Brown, faced an unplanned pregnancy herself at age 17.  She and her daughter Tailor, are living proof of the power and courage that comes when women support one another to choose life.  Now, after seven years, Teka is a volunteer for StandUp Girl, sharing her experience and encouraging other young women in similar situations.

In addition to appearing at the “Babies Go to Congress” program, as part of celebrating 15 years of serving young women, StandUp Girl is beginning advertising campaigns on public transit near a local abortion clinic.  This is just one more way to let young women know they have help and support before making a decision they can’t take back.

At StandUp Girl, women can hear from other women in the same situations and find the hope and courage they seek.

To contribute in the campaign to reach 1 million young women in crisis, visit and share:

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