Students at Sylvan Elementary School in Alamance County, NC are learning sign language to help their hearing impaired classmate feel included.

Jordan, a 2nd grader at Sylvan, is deaf and his classmates did not want him to be left out. Jordan’s teacher organized an after school sign language class for students.

The class is in the sixth week of the first ten week session. Students have learned to sign the ABCs and numbers and are now learning greetings and feelings.

The sign language class has become quite popular. Students are enthusiastic and even use sign language as they pass each other in the halls.

The students are happy to learn their classmate’s language.

“I think it makes him feel like he’s part of the group and not left out. If there’s somebody who is different, they shouldn’t be left out of a group just because they’re different,” said fifth grader Autumn James. “They should be included.”

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