A Students for Life group is standing up to a university administration accused of bias. The institution has denied its funding requests, instead of giving money to left-leaning organizations while maintaining a stance that it does not support ideological groups of any nature.

Ball State University requires a $1,318 student activities fee, according to an article by The Washington Examiner. While a funding committee stated that a group is not allowed money if it “”engages in activities, advocacy, or speech in order to advance a particular political interest, religion, religious faith or ideology,” several left-wing clubs, such as Feminists for Action, Secular Student Alliance, and a pro-LGBT group have been allowed.

In response to its recent denial of funding, the Ball State Students for Life have decided to sue the University, with the aid of the Alliance Defending Freedom. Accompanying the accusations of blatant bias are also claims that the university has failed to adequately explain its budgeting process in its handbook or other resources.

A report by the Students for Life claims that the University specifically favors twelve groups, which includes the Asian American Student Association, the Black Student Association, Latinx Student Union, and Spectrum, an LGBT educational group. Out of four hundred organizations, these and others appear to have been given a greater advantage, according to the lawsuit.

The club is asking for $300 to compensate an event that their members paid for earlier this year, as well as fees for the lawsuit.

William Deatherage is a Junior at The Catholic University of America, Majoring in Political Science and Theology, as well as Minoring in Economics. William likes writing and producing media on social platforms, like YouTube, as a hobby.