As part of a sophomore high school assignment, teenager Rebecca Townsend had to write a bucket list. Her list had three items: to kiss in the rain, fly to Spain, and save a life.

Over the years, Rebecca was able to cross off two items from her bucket list. In an interview, her sister, Victoria Townsend, said that Rebecca kissed her boyfriend in the rain and went on a trip to Spain with her family.

On July 2, teenager Rebecca Townsend drove to watch fireworks with some friends. During the drive back home, she and her friend Ben Arne were involved in a car crash. Arne survived the crash; however, Rebecca did not.

The teen had graduated high school only this past spring and was getting ready to attend the University of Notre Dame this coming fall.

Arne, after being released from the hospital, stated that Rebecca had, in fact, saved his life by pushing him away from the car. “The last thing I remember is Rebecca pushing me and telling me to hurry up.”

After Rebecca’s death, her sisters and cousins found her old bucket list in her room. The family realized that Rebecca had fulfilled her last wish by saving Ben’s life. “It was a little sign that she was OK,” said her sister, Victoria.

Rebecca’s family has set up a Facebook page, Remembering Rebecca, to inspire people to “remember Rebecca by going out and doing something that matters.”

“The best thing we can take out of the story, and really the most important part of it, is Rebecca was full of love, and we have so many opportunities to show this love,” said Rachel Hofstetter, Rebecca’s cousin.



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