Hayim Cohen of Houston, Texas, has adopted six children since 2012. Cohen’s most recent adoption was finalized in early January 2017.

“I get asked often ‘How did you end up with six?’” Cohen said. “It’s hard to say no. How could you say ‘no’ to these children?”

The Cohen family is both an adoptive family and a foster family. Cohen and his children are Hasidic Jews, and Cohen hopes to provide a home where the children can keep their faith and culture.

“When we bring foster kids in, it makes me feel like not every kid is going to be in a home with a thousand kids,” said Avshalom, one of Hayim’s adopted sons.

Hayim hopes his story of fostering and adopting children will inspire others to make a difference in their local communities.

“Everybody always says, ‘I want to do something to help.’ The first step is to look into the foster care system,” he said.

The Cohens are still unsure how big their family will grow. When asked if he would like his father to adopt more kids, Avshalom said, “Yes. Definitely.”

“We have to put light into this world and I believe that these children are lights,” Cohen said.



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