Ever wondered what the best paid Oregonians do for a living? USA Wage compiled data published last year by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics to determine what fields are the most lucrative in Oregon.

Though there are many high-paying Oregon employment opportunities that did not make the list, this is a snapshot of the 10 best paying jobs and their average annual salaries across the state:

1. Chief Executive (CEO) – Average Annual Salary: $182,390 

2. General Pediatrician – $176,930

3. Family/General Practitioner – $170,410

4. General Dentist – $155,290

5. Nurse Anesthetist – $151,650

6. Physicist – $145,610

7. Podiatrist – $135,240

8. Architectural/Engineering Manager – $130,980

9. Pharmacist – $124,720

10. Postsecondary Engineering Teacher – $120,730

Only four of the top 10 highest paying jobs are unrelated to the medical field. The average salary of any of the top jobs is also a far cry from the average salary in Oregon across all occupations—a much lower figure of $35,650.

You can find an extensive information table with Oregon’s top 200 highest paying jobs here.


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