Two sisters, Abby and Elly Cosart will be headed to the World Irish Dancing Championships in Glasglow, Scotland later this month. The pair, who grew up in Blue Mountain have been dancing for approximately twelve years.

This is Abby’s second time to participate in the competition and Elly’s first.

“She was gradually improving, and then this year was, like, her year,” Abby said.

“It’ll be a really, really tough competition,” Elly said. “It’s basically the Olympics of Irish dancing. Only the best of the best get to even qualify, and there’s just so few slots for the recall. Even to qualify, for me, was like a huge deal.”

Their coach, Gerladine Murray said the two are “incredible dancers.”

“They deserve to be going to worlds,” Murray said. “I’m so proud of them.”

The girl’s mother signed them up for lessons when they were children because she thought it would be a fun extracurricular activity. It has been, but the training, discipline and time the girls have put into their dancing has made them professionals.

“I was the college student who kept saying, ‘Oh, I’ll quit next year,’ ‘No, I’ll quit next year,’ and then I could just never do it,” Elly said. “And I actually ended up just really improving a lot and just getting better, really. So I’m glad that I ended up sticking with it, because this last competition year has been the most successful of my life — and Abby’s, too.”

The World Irish Dancing Championships will be held at the Royal Conservatorie of Scotland in Glasglow.


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