Two police officers from Fruitport Township, Michigan, Jason Pavlige and James Hodges, received a dispatch call that reported a woman at McDonalds who was holding a baby in her arms while sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

After observing a minor traffic violation, the two officers pulled the car over and spoke to the parents of the ten-month-old baby girl.

The officers soon realized that the couple simply did not have the resources to buy the car seat their daughter needed.

In an interview, Hodges stated, “They had just recently moved to the area. We tried to have them contact family but they didn’t have anyone close. There were no co-workers, no one who could help them out.”

Pavlige and Hodges consulted with each other and decided against giving the couple a citation.

“We spoke with each other and made the decision to go get them a car seat so we’d know the kid was safe and that this issue wouldn’t come up again,” Hodges stated.

Pavlige stayed behind with the family while Hodges drove to a local Walmart and bought the family a car seat with money from his and Pavlige’s own pockets. He then returned, and the two officers installed the car seat and gave the couple instructions on how to use it correctly.

Hodges noted, “The father was, I think, almost in shock. They didn’t say much but were just very appreciative.”

Hodges later added, “We made the decision that was what we needed to do to solve the issue. When we left we went onto the next call . . . It’s just part of what police officers do on a daily basis.”

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