A video of a man able to see in color for the first time in his life has recently gone viral.

For Opie Hughes’ birthday in March this year, his girlfriend, three kids, sister, and other members of his family all contributed to buying him a pair of EnChroma glasses that would allow the colorblind man to see color.

Hughes’ sister, Katherine Empey, filmed the moment he put on the glasses. The family had decorated the yard with colorful flowers and told the colorblind man to look at his children’s eyes.

Hughes broke down in tears as he looked at the color of his kids’ eyes for the first time.

Amanda Serafini, Hughes’ girlfriend, described the moment in a Facebook comment on the video.

“Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch the video, and had tears rolling down my face witnessing first hand Opie seeing all those colors for the first time and the beautiful blue eyes his children has. It was very emotional and a moment we will never forget.”

Hughes has since commented on Facebook about the amazing gift. “My whole life has been spent without the ability to see so many things.”

“It’s always easy to . . . think you are just a blip in the radar, but you will never truly understand how special this makes me feel.”

A Beaverton resident, Madeleine Cook enjoys a passion for reading, running, and the arts. She is currently studying the Great Books at the University of Notre Dame and is interested in eventually teaching.