A Virgina couple did not let the recent snowstorm get in the way of their wedding.

Michael and Emilee Ellsworth planned their weeding for January 23, but just two days before they learned of the snowstorm headed their way.

“I didn’t believe any of it at first. I was in complete denial, hoping the storm would miss us or something like that,” said Michael.

The snowstorm, accompanied with high-winds put their wedding and the safety of their guests at risk.

Emilee Ellsworth described the storm. “The wind was blowing across the hills and it was just filling the roads. They would plow it and it would fill again,” she said.

Under these conditions, the couple had no choice but to call off their January 23 wedding date, but they had not given up just yet.

The date “1-23” was engraved on Michael’s ring and they were determined to marry as planned. The couple decided to have a private ceremony at their pastor’s house.

A day after the private ceremony, the couple walked down the aisle again, this time surrounded by 50 of their family and friends.

“We’re just thankful for the story that we have and we know God planned this for us,” said Emilee.

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