On August 16, 2017, Governor Kate Brown signed a bill (HB 3391) that forces health care providers to cover the costs of abortions. This essentially makes abortions free to almost all citizens and even undocumented immigrants. Though Oregon’s abortion laws were already extreme before this law, its passage only signals the continual degradation that the value of life has faced across the state.

However, Pro-life groups in Oregon are pushing back in the battle to protect future generations of children.

One such effort is a petition to put the issue of taxpayer-funded abortions on the November ballot. The initiative’s sponsor, Oregon Life United, is approaching their goal of 150,000 signatures by June 30th. All Oregon voter are eligible to sign, and the petition website (www.stopthefunding.org) even provides the ability to print and distribute petition sheets.

According to the website, approximately $1.7 million in taxpayer dollars is spent on abortions, amounting to over $23 million within the last fourteen years. This yields an estimated ten abortions every day, funded by Oregon taxpayers.

If the petitioners are able to gather enough signatures, the issue of taxpayer-funded abortions will appear on voters’ ballots this November. If it passes and takes effect it will cut off tax-funded abortions throughout the state.

William Deatherage is a Junior at The Catholic University of America, Majoring in Political Science and Theology, as well as Minoring in Economics. William likes writing and producing media on social platforms, like YouTube, as a hobby.