Alaska Airlines flight attendant Kristy Stratton and her soul mate Jim Larsen were married on the same flight they met six years ago. The pair met while traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle.

“I was thinking of unique wedding ideas while driving home from a red-eye about a month before the wedding and thought it’d be a cool idea to get married on that exact flight,” Stratton said.

Kristy has been working as a flight attendant for 11 years, and with the airline’s blessing, planned all the details.

Confused passengers were given bubbles, chocolate roses, and candy hearts as they boarded. However, an hour into the flight, a stewardess gave some background information on the couple, rings were exchanged, and pilot wings pinned to each others shirts. The couple walked back down the aisle as passengers clapped and blew bubbles.

Celebrating with the passenger was the bride’s mother, Billie Jo Stratton. Billie Jo was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2014 had told Kristy that she wanted to see her wedding. Kristy’s love for traveling came from her mother. The two had been planning a mother-daughter trip to Italy, but had to cancel after Billie Jo’s diagnosis.

After witnessing her daughter’s wedding, Billie Jo was able to spend quality time with her daughter and new son-in-law in Seattle. The couple also held a wedding reception back on the ground the day after the wedding.

“My mom has been smiling for weeks — I love it,” Kristy Stratton said. “The wedding really lifted up her spirits and she even got to spend time with us in Seattle after, too.”

The wedding was a beautiful experience for all involved.

“I was really touched and overwhelmed by the amount of love and joy flooding through the cabin,” Kristy Stratton said. “Not only did they make the day even more special for me, but for my mom as well.”

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