Jennifer Doering, a mother living in Wisconsin, was struggling to find a unique Christmas present for her adopted daughter, Audrey, when she made quite the discovery: Audrey has a twin sister.  Doering had been going through some newspapers from when Audrey was adopted when she found two separate finding ads which were put in the paper around the time the girls were adopted.

“We just happened to stumble upon an extra picture, and from there, we were able to find that there were two of them,” Doering said. “She’s always wanted a sister.”

Audrey and her sister, Gracie Rainsberry, were separated at fifteen months old when they were adopted by two different families in the United States. Audrey lives in Wisconsin while Gracie lives in Washington.

Since reuniting, the twins have talked via FaceTime often.

“Our laugh is the same, our mannerisms. We talk the same,” said Audrey. The girls also like the same foods and both have had cardiac defects that have required open-heart surgery.

The Doering and Rainsberry families plan on spending time together in 2017. The twins plan to spend spring break in California and Audrey hopes to visit her sister in Washington next summer.

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